I Write of You


Your eyes are glazed with sleep,
Like grass as the sun begins its' ascent
Into the sky above us.
There is no time,
No other souls, nothing,
Nothing but you and me.
I remember the night,
We talked until the sun came up,
And those are the secrets I keep.
I remember the tears falling down
When you told me you didn't love me,
And how you couldn't hurt me anymore.
And God, I remember the way I clung to you,
Begging you to stay, begging for another moment,
Screaming your name at your taillights.
You were afraid, you thought you knew
What it was that you deserved,
And that person was never me.
You'd talk so low of yourself,
Saying my heart was too golden
For the bruised half of one that you had left.
I sometimes wonder if you ever miss
The way we used to hold each other,
Or the taste of my lips, like I miss yours.
But I haven't heard from you in ages,
And all I have left are memories,
Good and bad, but still ours.
So I write, and write,
Hoping one day you'll stumble upon my words
Like giant rocks on the trail of life.
I hope you find that I saw the world
In the whiskey brown of your eyes,
And the oceans on your lips.
I hope you see yourself how I saw you,
An angel who slipped and fell from heaven
Because you were busy chasing the stars.
I hope you learn that I loved you
In a way that no being has loved another,
That it will last until I take my last breath.
But until then, until that day arrives,
I will love you, I will remember you,
And I will write you into eternity.



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