I Write The Wilderness

The Minnesota lake glimmers all around me

It engulfs me with its passion

The love I return wells inside my soul

An overwhelming, helpless emotion

This, I must write 


A gangly wolf lazily chases me down the road

It's far behind but I still bolt

I huff and puff wait for a ride

The wolf is out of sight

This, I must write


My kayak glides atop the crystal bay

Reeds rustle and dragonflies play

Waterbugs jig around my paddle

The universe and I feel as one

This, I must write


Picking blueberries on a lone island

So aware of the possible bear

My barefeet let my soul touch the earth

I feel at peace, and nothing could hurt

This, I must write


When the world around me feels like my own soul

And the birds soar up where I dream to go

And I can't tell the earth from myself

The experience is too trandscendent to encompass

Tell me it's God, and I would believe you

Tell me it's love, and I would agree

Tell me it's indescribable, though, and I would beg to differ because

This is what I write


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