I Write to Remember

Why I Write:
I write because words can’t be unwritten.
I write because behind the words I write I see a picture, a world; the world from which they came.

A teacher of mine once said, “Write it like you would draw it.”
And with this statement she meant this; to use color and vibrancy, to use depth and shadows, to paint the most distinct world with merely a sheet of paper and some ink.
When I write I hear the sounds, see the sky, smell the scents.
….all that I am attempting to capture on paper.
And what an intoxicating challenge that is; to capture a world on paper.
To capture sadness or loneliness, joy or the swelling of one’s heart.
To capture the sound of waves and seagulls, or the peaceful blow of a breeze through a pasture.
To capture the warmth of the sun or the chill of an icicle.
Sometimes I endeavor to write what I see just before I fall asleep. But to seize that world, that place we slip into at our most vulnerable time… it is a test of one’s imagination and memory. But that is the intrigue you see, to see and live in those worlds we slip into.
I write so that I can return to worlds I see, that I live in briefly; so that I can revisit those places. And if I am able to take someone else to those places, to take them away for a while?
“That [would have] made all the difference.” –Frost
That is why I write.


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