I Write Reality


United States
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I write to express
when theres no one left to understand, I write to those that are in the same postion as me
wondering if anyone else could feel their pain, and understand their shame.
When your in a world where people judge, it's hard to stay strong and be the same.
I write to those that are not outspoken but just let everything go on, to those that feel like their not important as anyone else, to those who are feels like a failure when in reality no one's perfect as they say they are.
I write to those who makes mistakes and not always got what it takes, but continues to keep up with the stakes. Its not always the people who you think are the best, because those people that thinks that their better than the rest is no better than the next. I write to have others understand what it takes to go through a struggle and still make to the top like a huddle.
I write to express, feelings that others may feel and are scared to express
I write reality to show what actual people feel in their everyday lives. The pressures, the stress and the madness goes on,
I write to express ....

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