I Write Poems Out of Fear

I think about a lot of things when I stare into space,

But when asked, those things immediately fly out of my head

Then I remember them later and think ​­

          Thank God I didn't say that

I still think about you ​­

          all the time

All the things I am afraid to say, ​­

          questions I am afraid to ask

Fear of answers, fear of what you'll think

Fear of silence keeps me talking, ​­

          like if I talk enough,

You won't be able to think long or hard enough

          about leaving me

Sometimes I write poems out of fear ​­

          like maybe my half-legible script, ​­

          written by my ever-shaking hands, raw and uncensored

My word choice or inability to rhyme, ​­

          who knows, really

Like my heart written in ink on the blue lines of this page ​­

          could ever be enough to earn your love

Even though it was once

I often feel like there isn't anything I could do or say

To win your heart, to take your breath away

You hardly have to try, ​­

          you render me speechless as you're curled up with your nose in a book

Somewhere between beautiful and brave, ​­

          synonymous with breathtaking

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