I Write to Live On


United States
33° 4' 43.3596" N, 96° 54' 36.6516" W

I never thought I was that girl
The girl perpetually attached to her steno pad
with a backpack full of ink pens and dreams
But once the words started flowing
Relief came over me

I write to live on
Because even after I go
My words are eternal
Strong and solid
Helping others understand my legacy

Helping me understand myself
Because pages take me to the past
Of a Me that once was
A Me that had different goals and different dreams

I write because life is a fragile existence
and any more than a whisper can blow it all away
But my words will stay

Forever engraved in a single page
Forever engraved into my very existence



This Is The Reason I wite Poetry. It Holds All My Secrets That Will Never Be Forgotten Once Written. Love It

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