I Write Because

Sun, 07/24/2016 - 11:48 -- ayanna.

I write to fill my mind with purpose.

I write to occupy my hands.

I write to show off my talents to me and my audience.

I write to see the words, watch them hang in the air,

watch them stain the paper, watch them impact me,

my own words impact me, watch them fill the page.

I write to encourage myself. I write for release.

I write because it’s peaceful. I write because it’s natural.

I write because I feel free and I feel like me.

I write to inspire myself.

I write because it feels like magic, feels warm,

feels new, feels safe, feels real, feels rewarding.

I hold the paper, clutch the pen.

I hold my truth, clutch my sanity.

I write because I am somebody,

it is my purpose.

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