I Write Because

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 20:49 -- A.Cee

It's not about recognition for a well-written piece,

It's about finding my voice even when I can't speak,

For I, and countless others rely on paper and pen

for solace and strength and an understanding friend,

because the pen doesn't judge and paper merely accepts

that I write so my feelings don't go on suppressed.

I am the author, and I have control

of raging emotions only my pen can console.

It's a medium of expression I can't live without-

I write to be free of a perpetual doubt

that I may not be attractive, funny, or unique-

I write because I accept that I may be a freak;

but that's based on my definition of what the term means 

not society's connotations for "strange" or "different" teens.

I write because I am proud of being no one but me;

a quirky, yet hopeful girl, who thrives on her dreams.



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