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From the tender stages of youth
I knew how to express my thoughts
As a teen I learned that my opinion is not always cherished
So I write
I write how I feel
I write to escape reality
I write to watch my ball point pen bleed upon my paper
I write because my paper is the only thing that actually listens
She doesn’t tell me to stop
Or say “Mya I’m tired of your stories”
She actually listens while I splatter my feelings onto her parallel lines
She listens to my dreams and aspirations
Or how I couldn’t find the perfect outfit for my date at 5
I write because my pen and paper were the only ones there
When I returned home from my first year of college 6 months pregnant!
My paper was there when I needed her the most
I write because I can
I write because God has blessed me with the gift to
And I refuse to throw it away
I write because I was once a little girl who was told she would not get far in life
That little girl, me, Mya, needed someone to look up to
And I refuse not to be a role model
I write because I someday want to be the leader for a little girl who needs me
I don’t write solely because it’s fun
I write because I have to!! It’s a way of life, it’s a way to dream, and it’s a way to be happy
I am an open book, my story is not yet finished
So I will not say ‘the end’, I’ll say I write to be continued…..

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