I Write To Be Heard..


I write to be heard,

days and nights

Even at my toughest times, like when my parents have their fights

I write because I am happy, I write when I am sad

I write for all generations, future, present and past

I write for connections, exposure and affections 

I write about the higher powers, down to the young and reckless

I write to be heard,

I write seeking help

For everyone, not only for myself

I write about my experiences and knowlegde I have

I write fiction or comedy, just to give someone a laugh

I write about everything, from Aliens to the smallest bird

I write My poems, only to be heard. 



I had a great time writing this poem. If anyboby want to read more of my poems, email me at uab2015@uab.edu, and I will provide you with a couple of my poems I have written. I have all kinds of poems, as you read in the above poem. Thanks and I hope you all enjoyed my poem as much as I did.

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