I write...


United States
39° 11' 39.6348" N, 77° 19' 15.4416" W
United States
35° 14' 12.5628" N, 90° 1' 7.1616" W

I write…
To go on an adventure,
To forward to the future,
To hunt a treasure.

I write…
To walk the old path,
To memorize the past,
To remind me that true love last.

I write…
To live the moment,
To enjoy the experience,
To exist in the present.

But above all!

I write…
To express my thoughts, the things that cannot be bought,
To create my world, where everything is a wonder,
To be a traveler, who leaves marks for the followers.


To become a foreigner, who builds a bridge from a barrier.


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