I Write


Why do i write?

To let people know the pain that swirls in my heart

Because my enemies  like to be mean, the reason for my pain, my start

Why do i write?

Because no one ever hears my voice in a crowded space

I had to learn that silence is my only friend, the only one to love my face, the only one that looks within

Why do i write? 

To fill the empty void

Writing brings a smile to my face, while erasing my tears with those of joy

Why do i write?

Because music is just like a poem

Expressed alongside instruments and beats

Music that speaks directly to me

Writing calms me down

When I'm filled with anger or enough sadness that i could drown

Bullying, Poverty, Suicide, Dreams, God, Love are the stories poems tell

So why do i write?

To talk about the many tests of life

Things that I hope i do not fail


Need to talk?

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