I write..


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They asked, "Will, why do you write?"
-Because of my struggle, because of my fight
and the yelling/screaming I hear at night
for the same Micheal Jordan took flight
same as the theory why the sun is so bright
and somehow in hard times, I find the might
to get my through and persevere despite,
lonely times in the clouds when i'm the only kite.
And when I mess up, It's fang never forget to bite
cause people look at me weird like
"why he play that?.. ain't that sport "white" ?"
There's some I wish I had like a little more height
or to be a better son, maybe I just don't fit his type
but I can't complain, I'm alive, and I know I see the light
Cause I'm headed down the wrong path, behind bars/ wearing stripes
trying to see the big picture, bad eyes, no sight
like a tree trying to bare, but the fruits not ripe
so my only refuge: this paper and pen, I hold tight
It's better than doing something wrong so I guess it's right
So if your ask me, I'll simply tell you... "It's just something that I like"


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and i want you to continue writing about all you know in your eyes

poetry is an art

your poem demonstrates your rhyme and reason

goog job, keep building

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