I Would Be Brave

What would I change, if I could change me?

My posture, complexion, or personality?

Would I thicken my hair or polish my skin?

Or maybe request an identical twin?

Some might proclaim, “Ask for a raise!”

While others would beg for unlimited days.

But personally, my list would be short.

My request would make the greedy men snort.

Because beauty will fade and money run dry,

And the best things in life are impossible to buy.

So personally, I would ask to be brave.

To live fearlessly, that’s how I’d behave.

I’d be daring and bold, heroic at best,

Like a modern day Earhart on an extraordinary quest.

The world would be mine, the wind at my back.

I would sail the seas and find what I lack.

Bravery, indeed, is what I would seek,

Because life will pass by those who are meek. 


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