I Worry



It’s changed

As a child, I thought

What can I do to impress others

My confidence and self image

based on approval

what they think

what they see

filling big shoes of my brother

fitting into a mold of expectations

at least it is for me.


Now looking into adulting

What can I do to impress myself

I want to influence

I want to stir change

I want society to take note

My worry is do or die

The stakes feel higher

Will I accomplish those things

Will I match my own expectations

Will I surpass my own foundation


I have a high standard

rooted from my parents

sprouted and enlarged by me

they want 85%

I want 100%


All the rags to riches stories

Now riches to more riches

What is my responsibility

Surely not to let it squander

Rather to make something of myself

Expanding what ive been given

Swelling out of opportunity


I have a high standard

for myself

sprouted and vulnerable

Barely 85%

I want 100%


What if I can’t

What if I don’t

What if it’s too hard and I give up

What if haunts me


Worry used to be an accomplace to fear

Now, the mantra for motivation

I worry I will not do what I know I can.

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