I wish for you

I wish to be close to you,

wrapped in your arms,

breath against my neck,

hands pressed tight to my back.

I want to feel your skin against mine

like a burning desire to breathe

after being underwater too long.

I need you to pull me out of this drowning sorrow

and embrace my innermost wounds.

I need you to kiss away every insecurity

and wipe away all my depression.

I want you lips to peice together

every broken part of me

until I'm so full I can feel nothing but elation. 

I want you.

I want your lips,

I want your body,

your hands,

your skin.

I want everything you have to offer and more.

Most of all I want to change this distance

that keeps you away from me.

These agonizing miles that runs between these states,

they haunt me in my dreams and 

every passing thought.



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