I wish I could write

I wish my pain could write a song,

powerful enough to save

all the broken hearts

that were done wrong.


If only I could find a place, quiet enough for my mind

to not give way,to chase. 

What if my pain gave meaning to my words so great that,

I am able to lead them all out, 

with style and grace, then maybe some comfort can come from

within my soul, and lead us all out this dark hole,


I just want to find my way back home,

to the place where I belong, 

A place that inspires me with the right words 

to complete my heart's song. 

Perhaps I could find the peace for which I long. 


If only I cold pour my heart into a 

perfect melody, matched with the right beat, 

then just maybe,

I could sing all this hurt and fear,  the hell out of me. 


 It is true, I am not a poet, but this ryme makes a little sense,

and we all know it. 

What words do I use to make a start, will it even

put love and peace back in to my heart.

Cause' I am tired of pain making us all feel alone, ,

I want to be the light in the dark, 

that can lead us all home. 

Please help me, I know I can do this

I know I am strong. 


I refuse to fall apart. 


I wish I could write a song 

to free my heart from being done wrong, 

I just want to sing away all these tear stained memories, 

let my message be heard so loud, it's 

powerful and breaks us all free. 

Bar by bar, 

  note by note,  

sounds like the perfect antidote.

Closing my eyes cause I don't need to see

as all my grief floats away from me.


Across air waves, until music fills your place, 

and causes your broken spirit to wake,

my message is familiar, our hearts had a similar ache, 

as warm tears start rolling down your face,

your heart finally finds a little grace.

Until then, I guess I am stuck in this phase, until I create the chorus, 

that turns this song into my "Ace"

the song that can cure a heart,and 

from miles away still

lead you from the dark, 

now we can all heal, 

through my music's art. 



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Thank you so  much, this one is pretty special to me, the closest I can get to writing a song

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