I Wish I Could Have Done It Sooner


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I am on a flight from Charlotte,

where I return to my life on the other side.

Leaving a home away from home

that has stood the test of time.

The first week had me broken,

bawling in strife.

I yearned for a switch to turn off the night.

In my demise

I found comfort in ten strange lives,

teens like me,

who I got to know better in three weeks

then some of my close friends and family.

Friends and family

that had obscured my personality,

and made me someone I didn't want to be:

a cynical, critic corrupted with hate

a pessimist that should lose their faith in the human race.


there is life

beyond the gray walls of the city

and those that don't understand

are the ones I pity

I didn't believe

I was able to make changes

since I am just one lone girl,

but now I know

small actions can be truly couragous.

I've learned how much pain I could truly endure

that's why I know

I am capable


of so much more.

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