I Will Always Miss You

My mind has vision of its own, more like déjà vu, and there are these sounds They don't scare me like when I was younger, and they won't comfort me when I'm older Because they don't make me feel strong, they make me feel considerably I am bothered by the lack of your presence, but also when you get so close I can feel you How could I stand in the rain without you, but if the sun doesn't rise here maybe for so long Because we are too far away it is time to leave anyway, because these lives are worlds away I can't stop screaming, but to you it sounds like singing, because there is a bleeding voice  It is inside my head but you can't reach it from here, and you can't seem to make it stop But you started to drift, I got to scared to turn away, it hurt too much to look in your eyes All I could do was stand and let you leave yourself behind as you turned gray Why couldn't I stop crying for once in my life? I am sorry for looking past your eyes  All I remember you saying was, "Don't forget about us and those late nights" I told you, "I will be here for a short forever, waiting as I left me behind" 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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