I Went Walking

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 17:34 -- estoffe

I went walking the other day,

Under a red and setting sky.

Through trees that made mountains small,

Their leaves whispering a sigh.


I walked through silent grove,

And walked through icy river.

I stopped only when I reached the heart,

The sun had slipped away without a shiver.


In the forest I was all alone,

Surrounded only by one thought.

I could not hear it where I came from,

And with all the noise I had forgot.


The trees had told me long ago,

And they sang it to me then:

You will only find serenity here,

Not in the house of men.


The silence and the solitude,

The space where I am freed.

My only home that lasts forever,

The woods are all I need.

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