I Wear My Tears with Pride

I wear my tears with Pride

Pride that end of the day we’ll all be smiling

My smile is filled with Hope

Hope that in the end everything will turn out Right

I can never Right my wrongs but I know the Consequences

Consequences I face day by day but still have my Dignity

My Dignity is in the way my emotions shift

Like the Earth, our emotions have a continental drift

Happiness shifts to the image of a beautiful Day

Day is when the children play and the parents Work

Work is when we apply our determination for Success

Success is in the depth of our deepest Accomplishments

Accomplishment is when you are yourself through Judgment

Judgment is going to be the end of us if we don’t learn to Love

With every Love story there is a Sad sonnet

Sadness shifts towards the dark Skies

The Sky is not our limit but our Companion

Companions can be found in everywhere you Turn

Turns are signals from left to right to north and South

When things go down South, I am angry

Anger shifts to intrapersonal Failure

Failure to achieve launches you into Depression

Depression is the frustration and the Tears

Tears are personal and when they are mine they stand for something

My tears are for those who will never understand

My tears are for my family who refuses to speak with us

My tears are for the hands my father laid on my mother

My tears are for reasons I will never fully Understand

I do Understand one thing most definitely

I wear my tears with Pride.


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