I was taught

I was taught not to think but to say,

Say what I mean and think about what I say.

To take words from a page and recite, recite, recite,

But are these words even mine to explain?

They hammer words down our throat,

And we end up falling out of the boat .

They blame us for things we cannot control,

And expect us to make a perfect field goal.


They don't understand what's broken is broken ,

And some words can't be unspoken.

If we want change we need to arrange,

A way to bring things out of this maze.

From the bottom to the top,

We need to chop the down our crop.

So many teachers with no clue,

How to deal with a kid with no shoe.

It's hard to comprehend,

How hard it is for a friend to spend

Time to mend the wounds you have.



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