I was strange

I was strange/

Books and papers were my pleasure/

Unlike the kids who wanted treasure that one could not afford/


The shelves overflowed with my stories/

Rearranged in every way they told me not to/


Saying you need to grow up 

stop acting like a child and learn to play as others/

I would reply with “Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover

but yours is dense and I was scanning the aisle of common sense instead your ego was there”/


I think I saw your name in the row labeled simple minded/

I know you won't be able to find it so let me show you where to go/

It's right by the mind your own damn business department on your left/


The library was like a symphony that only the mute could hear and where the blind could see colours/

Every nook,every cranny was overturned by my fingers/

Each one better than the last/

Each adventure better than this lifetime/


My favorite was when I traveled amongst the stars and solving the crime of the missing emerald/ 

I got to play every part of the stories/

While the stories played every part of me/

I was strange/

I was me


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