I Was Never Lost, but Always Found

I was never lost, but always found

Swallowed deep between the lines

Far behind the steep wall, that confines

Fresh ink spirals across the tome

I was never lost, but always found

Bond true with the secrets that will rome.


Years pass, and there I wandered

With new endowed words I pondered

Vast worlds of gilded doors opened all around

Words of poems that ran true

I was never lost, but always found

In those stories pain felt blue

Others happy and prime

Full of love with everlasting time


These stories filled me with light

Tears too soon always drip drop dropping

For others did not share my delight

But I ‘twas not nevermore

A hushed word against pressed lips

True to the words written along the door

And with that, I am never stip stop stopping

Because I know the power of the scripts

That of written page upon the ground

I was never lost, but in poetry I was always found.

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