I was a little girl once

I was a little girl once
In days long, long ago
In a world filled with music
And sometimes filled with snow

It started out with singing
A song about a bee
I made up music often
For fun as time did flee

A passing thought- a dancer...
A future job - maybe?
I then let time flow by me
Unknowingly holding keys

I sang in my church for fun
The choir and Primary
I sang at school when i could
Sometimes singing with glee

That idle thought - a dancer
Was still within my mind
I thought of color guard
Why not then, at least try

The exciting day then came
I learned and did my best.
A fateful day - missed chances!
I did not pass the test.

Surprise! A new door opened
I'm still signed up for band
My newfound piano skills
Helped me join mallet land.

I worked real hard to do it
I enjoyed it quite a lot
I'd never thought I'd join band
Not even as a tot.

In both things, I've gone quite far
Did Allstate Junior Year
Did really good percussion
The end of High School's near

I'd never thought I'd do Allstate
(Not knowong what it is)
I tried new things - you know what?
Back then I was a kid.

If little me saw me now
What even would she think
How was I different,
And now, how are we linked?

I hope she likes what she sees
And knows what she'll do wrong
She has grown up in moments
Accompanied with a song

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