I was afraid

Im afraid 

Im afraid everytime I walk out my front door 

Im so afraid something might happen to me or my family and it burns me to the core

Afraid of what? so many people ask 

 if I told the curious the answer It would burn a whole through my entire mask 

It's the mask I had learnt to wear the moment my parents gave me the talk

They told me You must be quiet, dont give attitude,They even judge you off your walk

I then thought what was I to be afraid of , was it because of my age ?

They said oh.. no baby it's not your age it's because of your race.

I later learned what they meant when they gave me the talk

The blackness of my skin is something of a joke and they even like to mock

I wanted to give up and be oppressed until the day I woke up

I learned that I have to show the racist the lesson I got taught

I will no longer surrender to the oppresion they tried to press into my thoughts

I was afraid of what the world thought of my race

I no longer care what happens now ,Ive found the beauty in my race

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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