I want to wake up

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 13:19 -- phil

I want to wake up on a rainy day and feel the excitement of being able to stay home

with you in my arms, and be able to be led through a warm embrace by you outside

into the shower of crystals piercing your rose filled sweater and my Icy blue shirt, 

And I want to be at home with you, At our home, 

on a day where everything is covered by the chilled sparkly cotton of snow, 

to go outside and throw the sparkling globes of the earth until I end up tumbling on top of you,

With rumbling vibrations of glittering silk escaping my lips: Laughter.

And smile as I roll over and we make snow angels And snowmen

until our clothes are glimmering with frost,

And go inside to meet the tingling tenderness of heat and cold,

Then drink hot coco decorated with specs of marshmallows followed by a sweet kiss,

And watch movies until the shadows of the day become the light of the moon,

Finishing off the day with you falling asleep to my heartbeat

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