I want to use a dirty word

I want to say every word Ive ever seen sprawled on a locker.

I want to punch a hole in your face with the butt of my sword but It's only a pen and we both know it.

I want to let everyone know exactly who they are dealing with when they say,

'Look at the skinny one with the big hair.'

I want to pull a Vulcan mind-meld just so that you can understand what it felt like to have a grown man touch me that way.

I want you to feel the salt water in my tear ducts when I decided not to tell anyone.

I want to stand on the platform all day and wait for you to show up.

'You said what to her?' My Father will say and knock your pervy lights out.


I want to mark you forever with a scarlet letter.

'I' for ignorant

'I' for inconceivable

'I' for inescapable

'I' for innocence taker

'I' for it's not a compliment

I want you to boil in the pot you smoke and drown in the liquor bottles that flood your car.

I want you to join the US Army.

I want to forget about you.

I want a lot of things but I almost forgot,

This poem was not for me.

It's for the next girl who will fry under your eyes.

I want her to know what I do now and walk away.

I want her to call to the nearest person and demand that they witness this atrocity at work.

I want her to say all the dirty words that she needs to.

I want her to know her body is not your business.

I want you to stop.



This poem is about: 
My community


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