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(poems go here) I want my words..
By Ms. Marketta Taylor

I want my words to shine through your soul make you feel superb, like a King or Queen on a throne.
Give you back what was once hidden from all of us HIGH DIGINITY.
I stand in front of you as a disguise Michelle Obama.

I want my words to give you powers of visions to help you escape empty thinking. To set you up for a battle inside of a world of injustice, where they secretly control you by using this word FREEDOM.

I want my words to help you from being enslaved in your minds. To live out intelligence and receive this road of life as a gift, I want my words to remove the mark placed on us by the dollar sign.

I pray my words will begin to penetrate deep in your heart, where you review life struggles and realize the baddest gun has always been and will continue to be knowledge. Take my words as an encouragement to your dreams. I am informing you that if you do good things the desires of your heart will come to you ten times as much.

I want my words to be a humble reminder that Dr. Martin Luther King JR had a dream and today will live in reality of it.

I want my words to bring forth a generation of Kings and Queens who take pride in knowledge refuse to live small minded and help each other live out their dreams.
You see this is what I WANT MY WORDS to do to the entire Human species!!!


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