I want, I need, I'll get


United States

I want to work in hospitals, universities, industries, and laboratories.

A blend of engineering, biology, and medicine,

I’ll have many possibilities and through all of my duties

I’ll help improve the quality of human health and life.


I need to maintain my current grades,

So I can get into a college of engineering.

I need them to see me as the jack of all trades

And let them know this is only the beginning of my success.


I’ll get my PE with a degree from an ABET,

Take the FE exam to become an EIT.

I’ll leave the College University with a bachelor’s degree

And possibly go on to study medicine.


The curriculum will challenge me,

And I may struggle to keep up.

I’ll have to constantly be studying.

All of the work won’t be much fun.


But with the help of family, friends, and pure grit,

I’ll do so well that they’ll be cheering

And it will all be worth it,

When I graduate with a degree in biomedical engineering. 

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