I Want to Help But I Don't Know What to Do

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 12:43 -- cking97

All over the globe people are dying every day

I pray and ask God why does it have to be this way

People in America are getting shot for stupid things

And in other places they're dying for their rights as human beings

It hurts me to watch a man get his head cut off for being a Christian

Or to see a woman killed for supposedly being someone's mistress

It's not fair that young children are being raised to fight for their lives

Why can't they just be happy and not think that they have to die

I'm only 17 and I do not ever want to think about that

But somewhere else 6 year olds walk around with guns and baseball bats

They aren't free to just enjoy their lives as little kids

They are forced to grow up and put everyone they have at risk

It's not fair that I get to live a free life

While somewhere else a young boy may never grow old to have a wife

We get to live free and do whatever we want

And somewhere else they don't even know if they'll make it to next month 

Or next year, or the next day, or the next second, or hour, or minute.

 Watching "Death in Gaza" has totally killed my spirit

I know that Kony is still alive, but you don't want to hear it

To you, it's just another day that somebody dies

To me, I know that person could have lived a wonderful life

That was a person that had a purpose on this world

But their oppurtunity was taken away by someone that was up to no good

I feel like I'm the only one that wants to make a change

Because everytime I bring it up my friends switch the topic and act strange

Why does no one care that these things are happening around the world

We take our freedom and rub it in the face of captured boys and girls

No one deserves to have their lives taken away

By other humans who are free to enjoy every day

Only God should have the power to take a life

Not a police officer, a judge, a prisoner, a minister, a leader, a follower, a son, a daughter, a husband, or a wife.

Only God should have the power to judge, because He's the only one that knows the true facts from above.


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