I Want To Change The World


I want to change the world,

Change the world into what you may ask?

I want freedom

Yes I know I live in a free world,

But is it really free,

I have the courage to say,

I don’t like the way the world is run today,

I don’t want this capitalist country,

I don’t want men to look down upon women,

I don't want woman to feel inferior to men,

If you didn’t know,

Woman get paid less than men,

I want every human on this planet to be equal,

I don’t want anyone to be judged by their looks,

race, or skin color,

I don’t want people to judge anyone,

I want ,

No, I know ,

This corrupted world can change for the better,

I want to change the world,

little by little,

step by step,

starting small from town to town,

I'm gonna change the world one person at a time,

“ The day our lives end is the day we decide to stay quiet about things that matter,”

I have a dream,

A dream that one day my kids,

will come home from school,

and be filled with nothing but love,

Inside and out,

I want my sons and daughters to be thrilled ,

about having new friends ,

about being accepted and not being judged,

I was born to change the world,

I was born to tell my story,

I was born to tell everyone’s story,

I’m going to flip the world upside down,

Take it by its rear end and kick it out,

bring down upon everyone a whole new world,

Right now i'm thinking,

How should I end this beautiful poem I wrote,

So i’m leaving this poem in your mind,

Just promise me you're going to let it sink in,

I want to change the world,



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