I wanna drill

Taking these drugs 

Until I don’t feel nun 

trynna feel numb 

Mind racing 

Thoughts on a 1000000

I just wanna drill 

Got me in a chokehold 

Everybody trynna play victim 

Until I wanna kill shit 

Everybody wanna pop shit until I pop out 

She said she pop me 

She said she robbed me 



never needed a crowd 

10 toes on EVERYTHING 

Idc bout you him her they he who or what 

I will shoot your fucking eyes out 

Don’t be silence now 

All bark no bite 

Don’t make me kill nobody in here 

Yall done made me hot 

Pull up to your babymother crib & get too blowing them shots

All you hear is glockkkkkkkkkglockkkkkkkkkkk

Pop boom click boom 

Load up the click hit you with another round 

Put 21 in his back 

Tied up his bitch raped her killed it 

It was only run 🏃 

Now they on a shirt 

They momma crying shit 

I walked up to rose on it 

& I joke a lil 

Shit was gravy 

Clean my shoes off for another day 

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