I Walked in Your Shoes

Today, I walked in your shoes, I walked a mile
It was unpleasant, for all the memories you shared
I wondered at the weight, a heavy burden to bear
A mile in your shoes, humbling to think, I judged you
In contempt, I hanged you high, with spit, I mocked you
When all along, you were there, a silent companion
You prayed for me, and wore your heart for me
Today was exhausting, I had a lot to think about
Because I walked a mile, I had time to think
Each step felt like lead, my heart thudded, saddened
I heard your responses to my behavior
Clear as day, cloudy as a storm
My heart broke this day, humbling, a mile in your shoes
Determination, resolve, and humility: kept your feet moving
No matter how unpleasant, you  used all you had
Today, I walked a mile in your shoes
I misjudged you, too late to change the past
Thank you for the memories shared
This special walk, we have shared
Time well spent, dearest old friend


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