I Wake Up in Paradise

What does it take to make you happy? 

What do I have to do to make you smile?

Where's your paradise? 

What would you give to wake up there every day?


Surrounded by ocean blue,

Bright and sunny with a silky breeze,

Soft sounds of birds chirping in the distance,

A small world just how you created it.


Each morning you wake up with a smile on your lips, 

You stretch in the glow of the morning sunrise,

In your bed which has no "wrong side" to wake up on.

You yawn and get up from the comfort of your abode,

And in the still quiet of the morning, you experience serenity: 

Sweet stillness smoothly snuggling your mind and body.

You have no fear, no anxiety, no stress

for the day to come. 



How would you like to wake up in paradise?

You're the only thing stopping you.

Because happiness is a choice and a mindset.

Because everything is awesome if you allow it to be.

Because each day is a fresh start; a new page in the book written by you.

Because you can do anything you want, no matter what anyone says.

Because great interior decorating ideas are everywhere on Pinterest.

And because paradise is whatever you want it to be.


Sometimes things get in the way of your happiness.

Someone says something without thinking,

And before you know it there's a 1000-car traffic jam between you 

And your now elusive sense of happiness.

But just as there are barriers there are also shortcuts.

Like puppies,

And chocolate chip ice cream,

And friends who make you laugh until it hurts,

And waking up in paradise.

Who says paradise can't be your very own room?





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