I used your wire a different way

Now the mask of nonentity has been lifted for the world to see

That your voice was given with great personality,

It's difficult to be who you were predestined to be when the familiar faces you see only criticize your identity,

Your tanisity has elevated you into a permanent seat for all to see dreams really come true when you pursue them through,

Even while you were in the choir many acquired your gift but because of your outward appearance they hanged you with a shameful wire,

Now that wire That they used has connected you to your inspirational attitude,

When I saw you on the tube I wept with great gratitude

Because now you're more in-tuned while I'm jamming to you on iTunes,

Now bishop and Mother Garner are reaping their planted harvest while tj and Carolyn garner are just getting started ,

Now let this be a lesson to all to never let your voice go silent


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