I Understand

We are told to filter ourselves

To hold back on the truth of our words

For we are too naive to understand

the power in which words hold

But what if I was to tell you that even though

I have a body of a child

I have a mind of an adult

Cause I’ve been through things, experienced things, handled things

That your 30 years couldn’t have imagined


I grew up fast

By the age of ten, I knew things that I shouldn't have

By the age of eleven, I knew that trust was an award not a right

By the age of twelve, I learned everyone has an ugly truth

By the age of thirteen, I saw that dependency was a weakness

By the age of fourteen, I heard that my empathy will only lead me to becoming a doormat

By the age of fifteen, I saw that many people only cared for their own success

By the age of sixteen, I saw that I am too willing to hold onto things that are toxic

By the age of seventeen, I learned that more people are willing to hide behind a lie than face the truth

I lost the ignorant bliss that came with my childhood


I am an adult before my time

Yet I am told that my opinion is tainted with immaturity

For I am too young to understand

But I understand


I understand that we still ask a woman what she was wearing before we charge a man with rape

I understand that we still shoot first and ask questions later

I understand that we are too willing to throw the word gay around as if it was an insult

I understand that we complain about our first world problems as if others weren't dying as I speak

I understand that we still taunt each other to hide our own insecurities

I understand that we carry prejudice opinions along with a gun

I understand that we still believe that love will only ever be acceptable between a man and a woman

I understand that beauty is still defined by preconceived ideas that society has created

I understand that we are growing up in society that makes us fear others

I understand that fear has created so many prejudice thoughts

I understand that we still associate size with beauty

I understand that we still treat sex as game and that the consequences can be erased by a get out of jail free card

I understand that we still look at students as if they were numbers instead of human beings

I understand that we always take the easy way out

I understand


I want to acknowledge the truth for what it is

Instead of what we pretend it to be

For we tell ourselves that we are all equal

Yet when we try to spread words of equality

It is treated as if it has little meaning

I need you to understand


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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