I Turn to You

I turn to you

When I have a day

Full of unkind human beings

Selfishly demanding things I cannot give them

and who do not care how polite I am.


I turn to you

When I can no longer stand

To watch the faces of people walking past

Register nothing when they see me,

Except another piece of furniture

Taking up space;

A nuisance in their way.  


I turn to you

When human contact fails.

When no one has time for me.

When no one cares.


I turn to you

Because you do not annoy

Or judge

Or expect anything from me.


I feel at home

Wrapping my hands

around your cover,

inhaling your heady scent.

When I need comforting,

I turn to the black print on your white pages

And the bookmark that shows me where to start

But lets me decide where to end.


When this world is too much,

I visit the library

And I turn to you.  



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