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Hello to everyone who reads this. My name is Alexandr  Socolov. I’m from Moldova, Chisinau.

Now I’m studying in UVU Orem, Utah an ESL program. I plan after when I finish this program to transfer to BYU Idaho to study mechanical engineering. Now I’m already two months in States.   I live with a host LDS family. Not long ago I returned from LDS mission from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I found a sponsor that helped me to buy a fly ticket and one year of my payment in school (just the tuition).

I’m trying to save money for my transfer into BYU, but it very hard. By the police of my visa in an F-1 student and allowed to work only on campus. I have a job now, but it won’t help me to get right amount of money for my future study. I wish I could find a better job outside of campus to be more independent but then the government will send me back to my home country. It is hard to an International student because you don’t have much opportunity. Because I’m studying ESL program my university won’t submit my documents for scholarship.       I still trying my best to not lose this chance that God gave me.

I know that I lost a lot in my life. Now I’m a Christian and still to be a member of Christian church for 5 years now. After this step in my life I feel like now I live my life. I won’t give up; I won’t go back because my life is changing since this step being a member of this church.

I’m from a small family have only one sister and my mom, that is all my family. I grew up in orphan building as my sister. We both were in different places. In Moldova the capital is Chisinau we have few orphan buildings. Because it was hard for my sister to fallow curriculum in my place she was transferred in other were usually people with disabilities. My mom grew up in the same orphan building school. She was divorced when I was two years old. In my country it is usual that one parent raise children alone. After school I went to finish my high school because it was an opportunity from my government. When I were done with my high school I didn’t have money to finish my bachelor degree, and I went in military. First I thought that I can make a career there. But my country won’t provide with anything.  I thought that I might have an apartment after a few years of my work there, but they won’t do that. Than after a year I left it and returned home. It was a hard period for me because I didn’t know what to do. And life just was a bad experience for me (live on day and see what happened).But after 6-8 months ran into teachings of LDS church and was converted. It inspired me go forward. I went in free courses   of aeromechanic, finished them and worked in this profession for a few months. It was easy in my country to get money just to work in the market to load and unload products then to work in car repair shop. They gave money after I were done. Corruption in my country it’s a very common topic. Study is expensive too. I had a big desire after school to go to study to be a pediatrician. It was that expensive, that gave up because a faced something unreachable for me. After being a two years member of LDS church, I had a chance to serve a Christian mission in Russia. I wished to serve anywhere people speak English, but I very thankful to Heavenly Father that he gave me this opportunity in my life. This time was a best life experience in my life. Then I change my perception of view on life generally. I never was learning English in my life. In my school I had French class, but we didn’t have a teacher it was a soccer time. Than it was happy and fun, but now I feel bad about it.

Sorry for my grammar and spelling. All the English that I knew now, I’m very thankful to all of my companions from my mission, they were Americans. Now my English is getting better, and I hope to pass the TOEFL test and to start a real study. Seriously I don’t really know how the system of scholarship and all this educational system works, but I’m trying to use the advice of my mission president to use any chance I have and to do my best to achieve my bachelor degree to provide for my future family.

I’m very grateful that you have a program like this; even if I won’t fit in it you are doing a great job!

Thank you very much, with respect Alexandr Socolov.

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