I Trust In You


United States
34° 29' 7.5588" N, 117° 25' 13.4292" W

I trust in You oh Lord,
For through You I am more than a conqueror.
I trust in You because every one of Your words is pure,
And You are a shield to all who put their trust in You,
I was blind oh Lord and caught in the world,
Longing for the fruits of life,
But oh Lord I was dead.
I came before You broken and shameful,
Yet You gave me rest and assurance.
I was no longer a mere vagrant but rather I made my home in You.
And as far as the east is from the west is how far You cast my sins from me.
But oh Lord I am still sinful and wretched,
And the world sees my weakness and comes against me.
But Lord through the toil I know You are with me.
And I pray that one day You make me as gold through the flames,
And that I can become someone worthy of the salvation You granted me.


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