I Told the World

I told the world,

one day I would pay you back,

Super 8 our laughs and falls

so that one day I could play it back,

but now I don't even know what is the point of doin' all that.

Without you, life is just so gray and black.

Hope. I just need a ray of that,

'Cause nobody sees my vision, they just say it's crap.

But they don't know what content is,

And my mind was asleep when I wrote this,

but all I know is,

you came to me at my lowest!

You picked me up,

 opened me to a world where selflessness was pursued,

caring for those who you never knew,

and I owe my life to you

But for the life of me, why don't u see it the way I do?


But it just came to me that you lost your girl

Demons fightin' you?

It's dark,

but let me turn on the lights, fluoresce and enlighten you.

She hugged, used, gained, and then threw you,

but I don't think you realize what you've done, not the slightest clue

'Cause me and you are like a crew.

I was like your Robin,

but you ended up wastin'

with the all the crack and crystal u kept buyin'!!!


It hurts when I see you struggle

I know that you didn't deserve gettin' abused.

but you say your life's in pieces, so I'm puzzled,

but you were either getting indolent or around your mind you tied a noose.


You couldn't make decisions, you kept questioning yourself,

second guessing all your compassion and it's almost like you're looking for some help...

but you were supposed to be my mentor.

I can endure no more; Remember who you are!


It was you who believed in me,

when the whole world turned us into a bunch of debris...

I woke up in the morning and asked myself,

whether I should stab myself,

When our stomachs used to be empty,

and so we snatched wallets off the old gentry.

We were tired of being poor and hungry.

Crack goes around, who the heck cares?

One less mouth on welfare...

The cops' tolerance for us was a zero,

Aim a gun, (three, two, one) and he's a hero.


But you entered the hood,

and then the teachings you bequeathed we finally understood.

We started to turn our neighbors into brothers

and we started to go somewhere when we started sharing with each other.


Now, as you lie in your grave,

after taking your life in vain,

you started a revolution

one that will generate a whole new evolution.

Thanks to you, we are seeing each other as brothers

instead of 2 distant strangers.

No more purses, no more stomachs

In this tough life in the city,

You created a whole new sense of community...

They call it the city of brotherly love

and yet you lie in the ground 'cause ur love was greater than any body.


Tyush, I'm crying in my sleep...

You saved my life but I couldn't save yours.

But I'm not giving up faith, and we won't give up on you

We'll see your changes through

Get up, Tyush! Come back for God's sake!



Inspired by Eminem and Tupac

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