I tilt my head up,


I tilt my head up, it reflects the light better.

Followed by the caption, carefully typed letter by letter.

Should I use Valencia? it makes me look tan.

This will definately get me famous, every "like" is a fan.

They think I'm beautiful.

They never would believe I would be any sort of dull.

But do they really know me?

What will you actually see?

Come find me when im playing my saxophone,

Or when im sitting under a tree, reading alone.

Why do I find nature beautiful.

But cringe and look in the mirror saying " Do you really think youre pretty, fool"

a little make up and a couple of filters,

and I'm thinking "Ahh look at her"

When has the world changed where a filter makes or breaks you.

Who makes you you?

It's your talent, your sense of style

Never take that away? It makes you, you.



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