I Think I've Read That One

I will read them in the rain
And in the dark and on a train
And in the car and in a tree
They are so good, so good you see!
Green Eggs and Ham was the 1st book for me

“Would you like to read about a game’
My mother said ‘with a funny name?”
Quidditch! There’s soring brooms and flying balls
It’s played at a school with wizard filled halls
Harry Potter, those books had it all

To find Dinosaurs Before Dark
An eager reader must embark
To a house in tree, which one could say
Has reading magic in its own special way
The Magic Tree House books all named a time of day

Now a story of chariots and spears and shields
And the awesome powers the gods did wield
Armies and heroes and that well known crusader
Achilles, the famous Myrmidon raider
The Iliad read, not bad for a fourth grader

Then came the series, those I liked best
The Edge Chronicles, Charlie Bone, and Deltora Quest
The Rangers Apprentice and Lord of the Rings
Over 65 books about dragons with wings
Glorious books, one can get quite engulfed in these things

So, a Lion, a Witch, and four kids all walk into a wardrobe
Such tales I wished to read with an ivory pipe and a bathrobe
Many times I’ve read every chronicle in this septet
At least six times each is accurate I bet
The Chronicles of Narnia are books that I will never forget

A pair of classics, a book in each hand
One an adventure in a mirror, a trip to Wonderland
The other taught the lesson Know Thyself
I’m quite proud to say Sun Tzu sits on my shelf
Alice in Wonderland and the Art of War are both great books for mental health

Books of past wars, future wars, the wars of today
Wars that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
The Hunger Games, time traveling Nazis, and WWI with some tweaks
Training assassins, the Roman legion, I could read these stories for weeks
Another book, another story, is all that one like me seeks

Islam, Christian, and Hindu describe this Indian kid
He was lost at sea with a tiger, but survive he did
In this book there are lots of things that die
Is it a true story? Nope, it’s a lie
This symbol filled book, Life of Pi

Midway upon the road of high school life I found myself in a dark book
An Italian’s version of punishment, into the depths of Hell, a look
Some people don’t understand all the thees and thous and cantos
It just comes naturally to me, absurd sounding, I know
But one of my favorite books has to be Dante’s Inferno

I cannot say every character I have loved, and this makes me sad
Jack, Aleksi, Bartimaeus, Artemis, Tavi, Ender, and Vlad
Books have made me who I am, shaped me as you see
There’s nothing I like better than just a single good book and me
And for the rest of my life, a book reader, I shall always be



This poem has been flying around between the staff here at Power Poetry, and we all absolutely love it! In fact we were curious if we can post it in our social media? (Of course we will always be sure to cite you as the author)



As I read your poem it reminds me so much of my daughter who herself always has a book in front of her face.  Which has made her the woman she is today as well!!


Hello there, Charles, I'm an intern here at Power Poetry. We truly loved your poem so very much and we would love to feature it in our multimedia. Of course we will always cite you as the author. What do you think?


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