I Swerved


United States
25° 59' 25.5048" N, 80° 21' 17.0244" W

I swerved, the curve didn’t deserved
Collision colossal in that decision
Lost my life along with my religion
Because I never listened
Drunk driving driving drunk
100 on a 60 with liquor in the trunk
Base hitting heavy my heart beating slowly
Then bam alakazam
Everything went black couldn’t even say goodbye to the fam.
But danm god works in mysterious ways
I can continue to live for more days
Never touch those wheels
With beer in your belly
This ain’t your field
The consequences are heavy



Wow. Just wow. Not only is your message superbly powerful, the intensity of your rhymes and alliteration are exhilirating.  To say that I am impressed would be an understatement.  I applaud you!

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