I Suffer in Silence

Tue, 11/30/2021 - 04:39 -- Tiny

Something's wrong;
Donno why but i feel empty
Even your presence is not making happy but just nappy
Im like a dead soul in the streets camping
Maybe you changed and or you distanced in the instance you left
Maybe you cut ties and you already gone
Maybe im stuck living in the past yet you moved on
Or maybe its coz im like a virgin at this A.K.A no experience but i think its okay for me to feel this way .
In the back of my mind there is a place i know full of sorrows
And when i think of those times my anxiety feels what is hollow
Stop tryna add to my sorrows so i just pray i feel better when i sleep and wake up tomorrow
I feel as if you hiding something and its now making me feel claustrophobic around you
I sit and i cry in my room
My heart's been broken; suffocating it feels like i was choking
I don't know what to do
So i just pray that this pain would go away
How dare you say "i missed you" when you always playin games
I wanted to leave but i felt trapped inside a cage.
Trust got me killed and i don't want love to get me hurt
So please tell me what its worth
You trapping me inside a maze and She says it means that im on earth
I donno when it'll go away
But i know it'll go away
I knoe i said it but im just praying i feel better when i sleep and wake up tomorrow
If you were to walk in my shoes you wouldn't last a day
Cause the demons of self loth and pain haunt and do dvd me,
Just because of all my paths im steady taking
You one of them and you make shakky my head's aching you degrade me
Tell me how i shld feel coz im an imprudent student confused and im now acussing your principles while maybe the truth is im confused cause im refusing to listen to your teachings
Im stepping in the booth for the truth but the truth is can i handle the truth
I doubt you remember but,
You know when we started remember when we met that was the best day i had
Everyday since back then i can't get you off my head
Every thot every step you are the one that i have
You have a spot in heart but do you wanna be the pain in my veins
Shld i sit in the shower to disguise my tears in the flow
I looked in the mirror and i ddnt see a soul; this isn't a song this is a poem
I no more wanna tell this story
Cause i donno if it'll end in glory
I hope you feel me i hope you feel me
Just know I Suffer In Silence

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