I Strive To Be Colored Blind.

I strive to be socially colored blind

Many people in this world love to categorize people by the color of their skin

Nowadays it’s either better to be Black or White or Asian or Mexican

I strive to be colored blind

I want to see the world’s people for who they are on the inside

         I want to see each human being as a unique individual

I strive to be colored blind

It’s time to break the chain of judgment and sink into a pool of mental freedom of not being judged by the color of your skin

I strive to be colored blind

It’s time to live a life of positivity and hope for all mankind

It’s time to be the person I was destine to be

That means it’s time to tear down the wall of being a mentally prejustice and build a mirror to see myself for who I really am

I strive to be colored blind

There is no more hurt

There is no more pain

There is no more hatred

Because I am now colored blind

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