I still miss you

I still miss you, you know. 


I miss

The way you smiled at me

In the hallways before school

Without a reason.

Everyone else

walked by 

With their heads down;

They didn't want to see

The pain we were in.

But you looked.


I miss

The way you cried with me

When you told me

You didn't think 

I desreved to hurt

And everyone else

Thought I did.


I miss 

The brightness 

Of your smile

And your crooked teeth

Because you refused to wear

Your retainer.


I miss

Your crooked beanie

that I constantly tried

To straighten

And the way you smelled

Like peppermint

And smoke

And laundry soap.


I miss

The long nights

On my roof

Smoking cigarettes

And dreaming.


I miss

The random phone calls

At two a.m.


I miss

Your hand in mine.


I miss

Your eyes.


I miss



This poem is about: 
My community


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