I Still Love You Mrs. Green

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 14:29 -- rainemc


What is the brain but a door to our souls?
A door I've unlocked but a door you keep closed
Because a door with such power must never be released
With the bite of a pit you keep the dog on the leash

Am I an asshole because I think your jealous of me?
Narcissistic because you're caged while I fly free
Would people really believe my teacher uttered these words
They didn't hurt but I see how you want to fly like these birds

Free your mind of the chains
Embrace rather than numb pain
Learn to live like your students not yet trapped by society
Or will we too fall in these pits of anxiety?

Distress at rest while conformity is at play
Because you're teaching us to be like you, a numbed man of today
A silent woman of tomorrow
Teach us joys rather than sorrow

Teach us that we only die when we stop trying 
To break molds, take hold of the truth and scream that it's lying
Teach us that we can soar no wings necessary
And don't stop flying until our stories are legendary

Teach us Lit is more than a class it's a way to say what's real
It's worth the scars and scrapes because these simple things heal
Teach us to grow up as nothing but ourselves
Because you want us to be better than you and the books on these shelves

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