I smiled

I smiled

I smiled for a while .
Then stopped, frown came but why.
I was born to be rich,
But exploited by the poor
I am blessed by nature to the core
But I lost the opportunity to the bitch.
I remembered that destiny can't be changed
So I smiled.
I was sold by my so called leaders
Bought by my predators
Pushed out of home with no successor
Then left all alone.
But this are the reason why I am strong
So I smiled.
I was crowned a king
But stabbed at the back,
They saw that I am black.
Then thought I am a ling
But I am rising
So I smiled .
Far, far away from home
I work day and nights.
But my rewards comes with plight
More lessons thought
So I smiled
Life is a battlefield.
They struggle to live well,
At the expense of others.
They're full of hates, but pretend to love

You can fool all the people sometime but, can't fool all the people all the time.
So I smiled.

By Chibuike Egbuikwem.

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