I sit on boundaries


I sit on boundaries

I stare at the people who walk within them

never taking trying to break down transparent glass walls

I stare at the people who walk within them,

but I fascinate over those who work outside of the glass walls

Not people who "break" these walls, but instead

people who never see or feel them anyway

masters of the walls, I call them

most influential of all are those who do not see limit

they do not see restriction

they only see what is as it is

there is no glass wall for them

only more space to navigate

in search of

in wanderlust of...

I do not know what they search of

Perhaps they do not search at all

perhaps they have already found what they seek...

sometimes I envy them. Truly they must be

the most powerful of all

I choose to live within the glass walls

for now at least

until I can understand better the difference between 

them and I


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